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Strings (Violinists, Violists, Cellists, Bassists) and Pianists.
Graduate, College, and Pre‐college (grades 6 ‐12) students.
Gifted students younger than 11 are welcome if accompanied by parents.
(Individuals or Pre‐formed groups are welcome.)

Program Fees

Tuition (including Housing) $ 2,600

Application (non‐refundable) $ 100

Application Deadline – May 1, 2019

Application Procedures
Fill out the online submission form completely. By filling out the credit card information you authorize Northern Lights to charge a $100 application fee.

Please email a video/audio file of a representative performance of 2 contrasting pieces, 3 – 4 minutes to; provide a YouTube link to a minimum of 2 contrasting performances.

Format Month/Day/Year
(String Players)

To submit payment online by credit card, completely fill out the information below. If you prefer to pay by check, please make payable to Northern Lights Music Festival and mail to: Northern Lights Music Festival PO Box 147, Gilbert, MN 55741.

Check payment is due within 5 days of completion of application.

If different from address above.